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Welcome to La Rochelle! Here we’ve gathered all the resources you’ll need to find Erasmus accommodation in La Rochelle. Once you have signed your lease, you will be able to complete your administrative procedures from this page, in just a few clicks 😊

Map of La Rochelle

Erasmus accommodation

Rental deposit (guarantor)

Student housing aid (~€150/month)

Moving-in guides (electricity, internet,..)

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| We help you to settle-in smoothly

Explore La Rochelle - Erasmus La Rochelle

Explore La Rochelle

Explore La Rochelle and its neighbourhoods with our interactive map. We’ve highlighted all kind of useful information to help choose the best place to live 🤗

Find accommodation - Erasmus La Rochelle

Find accommodation

We’ve made a list of available Erasmus accommodation in La Rochelle and a summary of the documents you need to gather for your rental application (guarantor, bank details).

Moving in - Erasmus La Rochelle


Home insurance, electricity/gas, internet and student housing aid application: we walk you through everything so you can settle-in smoothly and enjoy your Erasmus adventure ASAP 👌


| Erasmus accommodation in La Rochelle

Rental application

When looking for accommodation in La Rochelle, you will most likely have to gather documents for your rental application. Landlords and real estate agents will ask for it to ensure that you are a reliable tenant. If you do not have income, they will also ask you for a guarantor.

A copy of your identity card/passport.

A valid residence permit if you’re not EU citizen.

Your bank account details (IBAN).

Your last 3 payslips (if you are working).

One or two guarantors if you are not working (or if you do not have sufficient income).

The passport and payslips of your guarantors.

Rental application - Erasmus La Rochelle
Student residences - Erasmus La Rochelle

Student residences in La Rochelle

When looking for accommodation in La Rochelle, we advise you to start with student residences. Some are private, others are managed by the French state: this is the case of the CROUS residences. They are very affordable (about €200/month in the provinces, €400 in Paris) but you have to apply in advance: there are more requests than places available.

To make things easier for you, we have listed all the CROUS residences and private student residences on the map of La Rochelle 👍

Lokaviz | Official platform for CROUS residences | French

CROUS residences

Student accommodation in La Rochelle

If you prefer to rent on the private market, here is the list of the most used websites in France (don’t forget Facebook groups).

Location Étudiant | Dedicated to students | French English

Studapart | Dedicated to students | French English

La Carte des Colocs | For flatshare/ houseshare | French English

Leboncoin | Classified ads (n°1 in France) | French

SeLoger | Through real estate agencies | French

Appartager | For flatshare/ houseshare | French

PAP | No real estate agencies, only landlords | French

For non-translated websites, you can turn translation on with Google Chrome.

Private market accommodations - Erasmus La Rochelle

| Settling in La Rochelle

Home insurance - Settling in

Home insurance

We have 2 solutions for international students. Remember, it’s a legal requirement 😉

Student housing aid - Settling in

Student housing aid

In France, most students are entitled to a housing grant (~€150/month) to help them pay rent ✌

Broadband deals - Settling in

Broadband deals

We’ve looked for the best value for money in case you would need Internet in your accommodation.

Electricity - Settling in

Electricity & gas

Taking out an electricity/gas contract can be complicated, we’ll help you make sense of it 🙂