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How do I plan my stay?

StudyinFrance is a website dedicated to the community of international students in France. Every year, you are more than 370,000 to come over for your studies. To make sure you settle-in smoothly, we’ve gathered all the information and resources you’ll need to plan your stay 😊

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StudyinFrance - International students community

Our mission statement

StudyinFrance is committed to improving the welcoming, integration and stay of international students. We’ve got 5 primary goals, all aligned with the “Bienvenue en France – Choose France” vision.

Welcome international students


To make sure your travel plans go smoothly.

Administrative help


To help you navigate the paperwork and administrative procedures.

Find student accommodation


To facilitate your access to student accommodation (CROUS residences, private housing, ..).

Learn French


To encourage you to learn French (FLE) and overcome the language barrier.

International community


Finally, to build a community of international students, based on sharing and mutual support.

Two different ways to prepare
for your international adventure

Buddy up - StudyinFrance


Ask for a mentor 👋

She/he will guide you throughout your stay! You will also receive a comprehensive guide, tailored to your needs: one email for each topic you choose (visa, healthcare, accommodation, etc.), with tips and resources to help you plan your time in France.

Get ready on your own - StudyinFrance


Navigate your way through our website 🤙

If you’d rather do it on your own, you should be able to find all the information you need. Everything is classified by theme (visa, French healthcare system, accommodation, student life, travelling…) and regularly updated.

Browse our website 🔎

| How does it work exactly?

| You’d rather navigate our website on your own?

French student visa

Student visas

Which one do you need to apply for? We help you to see things more clearly and we introduce you to Campus France.

Erasmus in France

Erasmus in France

We’ve put together all the information you’ll need to prepare your Erasmus stay. We also introduce you to the ESN Network!

French healthcare system

Health insurances

Registering to the French health insurance is mandatory. Here is what you need to know about the French healthcare system 😊

French bank account

Bank account

You’ll need a bank account for most of your administrative procedures in France. We’ve selected two free options 👍

French mobile phone plans for students

Mobile phone plans

We looked for the best mobile phone plans: unlimited calls and texts, data + SIM card for less than €15/month.



Your landlord will most likely ask you for one or two french guarantors when you apply for your accommodation.

Home insurance in France

Home insurance

Take out home insurance is the first thing to do when you move-in, it’s a legal requirement in France.

Student housing aid

Student housing aid

Most French and international students can apply for a grant (~€150/month) to help them pay rent ✌

Broadband deals

Broadband deals

We looked for the best value broadband deals that French students usually get 🤗

Electricity plans

Electricity & gas

Let’s be clear, it’s one of the most annoying things to take care of. We tried to make it easier for you to get it done 😊

Learn French

Learn French

If you’re looking to learn French, we recommend you to choose schools holding the FLE label.



Our advice for travelling in Europe and/or France (travel insurance, trip ideas, train discount cards, etc.).

About StudyinFrance

🦸‍♂️ Who's behind StudyinFrance?

StudyinFrance was co-founded in 2019 by two friends: Adrien and Théo. Inspired by their personal experiences abroad (Erasmus & WHV), Adrien and Théo created StudyinFrance with the aim of making life easier for international students. StudyinFrance is based in Lille (France), in the premises of Euratechnologies.

🤔 Is StudyinFrance free?

Yes! StudyinFrance is a website dedicated to the international student community. We encourage mutual support and sharing of experiences, so that as many students as possible can easily prepare their stay in France.

The content we publish and the resources we put online are all accessible for free.

Applying for student housing aid is the only process for which we ask for a fee, which covers the processing of the application. Although, as usual, you may also do this for free using the tutorials we have provided.

🖐 I'd like to help out, what can I do?

Help is greatly appreciated! One of the things you can do is share in your experience. We use your feedback to improve our content (tips, advice) and better help our community.

Another thing would be to volunteer in a local student association involved in welcoming international students, such as ESN (Erasmus Student Network). It’d be very helpful, they are always looking for staff to welcome newcomers. Plus, it’s a great way to meet people! You should find these association on social medias (Facebook or Instagram).

🔎 I couldn't find information on a specific topic, could you help me?

If you are struggling with a specific topic and cannot find anything to help you on our website, please let us know. We’ve shared our roadmap for the next few months, there is a link you can use to send your requests.