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Broadband deals

Last update, Sept. 2021 5-min read

| Introduction

You have just moved and you wish to setup Internet in your accommodation, right ? Well, you’re in the right place.

First of all, you should know that there are 4 major Internet providers in France: Orange, SFR, Free et Bouygues. Most of them also have ‘low-cost’ subsidiaries, such as Sosh or RED, and it’s sometimes difficult to find your way around all their plans.

Don’t worry though, we’ve sorted it out for you: we’ve compared every plan in order to find the most suitable for international students 😉

Which provider to choose?

When comparing the broadband deals, we were surprised to learn that:

  • Not even one provider has translated its website into English.
  • Most providers only accept French bank accounts.
  • You’ll often get a 12-24 months contract.
  • All of them charge a cancellation fee of around 50€.

Nevertheless, we found an internet provider that stands out from the crowd: RED.

French broadband deals

Our recommendation, RED by SFR

Great value for money, ideal for students

Customisable broadband deals

RED is the subsidiary of SFR, one of the main French providers. RED offers broadband deals from €16/month for ADSL and from €23/month for fibre.

What we like most: their services are customisable, you can choose broadband only or broadband + phone and TV. Also, RED accepts the Monese bank account and all their broadband deals are without obligation 👌

Deals without commitment
Fibre : €25/month
ADSL: €19/month
€50 termination fees*

* In France, all operators charge a termination fee of approximately 50€ for their broadband deals. Despite our research, we have not yet found any offers without termination fees.

Check out RED